Hi there and welcome to my first blog. Here I will update current events taking place at SpaceCraft Studio including remodels and fine arts.

I am currently finishing construction on a fantastic new kitchen remodel. We used locally made custom cabinets, Ceasarstone counters combined with Vetrazzo – a locally made recycled glass counter and lots of colors and textures. Pics to come!

I also have two paintings in progress and one staring at me. I recently stretched four canvas’ so I could work on multiple paintings. Typically when one is dry and I’m tired of it, I let it stare at me. Then at some point, I’ll either paint all over it or do something that finalizes it. I don’t think paintings are ever done. Just finished. I have two sizes I am fond of right now too. One is 36″ x 12″. If confines me to see the horizon of the landscape and how the narrow proportion challenges the image and viewer. I also have a 35″ x 31″ painting started. I like this size. Its big enough to make a mess – and small enough to handle and keep wet. I also like that it is not square or a conventional rectangle.

This year has been a great year to look back on. I had my first open studio, and cranked my art studio up in the garage. Sold several paintings and designed the studio so i could build all of my own canvases as well as frames.

I also launched SpaceCraft Studio and worked on several interesting projects that landed firsts for me. In Piedmont, CA, we not only designed and built an ambitious bathroom that included, a whirlpool bath, steam shower, custom cabinet with double sinks, complete sound and tv and electronically controlled lighting, as well as a sep lav all in about 100 square feet. We also did our first upholstered wall installation with Fabric Walls of  San Francisco for a bedroom. Very cool, and I learned a lot.

Onward, I have a very architectural project going on that includes ripping the face off a small cottage in San Francisco and putting it back on safe and sound. Plus some more space planning and cabinet designs. I get so excited when layouts work out and dimensions fit properly. I love it when my clients are excited too.

This December I have contributed to the Richmond Art Center Holiday Art Fair by donating a painting. Its for a silent auction on December 6th. I feel honored that they asked me to be a part of it, and it has given me some insight to the Richmond Art Center – which is very impressive indeed. More to come.